Tuesday, March 02, 2010

You Need a Vacation
by Michael Dalton Johnson
You deserve a vacation....but not just any vacation. You need one that will restore your spirit, enthusiasm and energy.

Spend your time far away from cell phones, computers, newspapers, radio and television. These are electronic leashes which bind you to a complicated and stressful world. Simply leave them all at home. It's easier to do than you may think.

Get close to nature. Take walks. Enjoy sunsets. Sleep in. Read a good book. Nap. Laugh. Have a long soak. Go for a drive in the countryside with no destination in mind. Have a slice of pie. Smile. Breathe. Unwind.

Forget deadlines and obligations. Forget the clock. Eat only when you're hungry. Go to bed only when you're tired.

Don't stand in line. Steer clear of casinos, amusement parks and big cities.

People who have disconnected for a week or two describe the experience as heaven.

Dropping out of your workaday life is not only good for you, it's also good for business. When you return to your work rejuvenated, you will enjoy new energy, enthusiasm, creativity and far better productivity.

At first, Type A personalities (like myself) have difficulty understanding and accepting this advice. Anxiety rises in them just thinking about disconnecting. However, when they get past the anxiety and think a bit further down the road, they see a big business benefit. When they consider the possibility of perhaps doubling their productivity, it all starts making sense.


Aarti said...

That sounds like a divine vacation..wud love to take one..

and err.. u SHD do it... once at least... :)

Unknown said...

When can I see you in birmingham for this wounderfull holiday I can organise a break in the countryside if you organise the trip here....;-)
Lots of love Janki