Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Change Your Life

THERE is no need to be unhappy. There is no need to be sad. There is no need to be disappointed, or oppressed, or aggrieved. There is no need for illness or failure or discouragement. There is no necessity for anything but success, good health, prosperity, and an abounding interest and joy in life.

That the lives of many people are full of dreary things is unfortunately only too true; but there is no necessity for them to be there. They are there only because their victims suppose them to be inevitable, not because they are so. As long as you accept a negative condition at its own valuation, so long will you remain in bondage to it. Success and happiness are the natural condition of mankind. It is actually easier for us to demonstrate these things than the reverse. Bad habits of thinking and acting may obscure this fact for a time, just as a wrong way of walking or sitting, or holding a pen or a musical instrument may seem to be easier than the proper way, because we have accustomed ourselves to it; but the proper way is the easier nevertheless.

Unhappiness, frustration, loneliness are really bad habits that their victims have become accustomed to bear with more or less fortitude, believing that there is no way out, whereas there is a way; and that way is simply to acquire good habits of the mind instead of bad ones. You should never “put up” with anything. You should never be willing to accept less than Health, Harmony, and Happiness.

Animesh Bhatt

Monday, March 28, 2005

Freedom .... Happiness

Freedom .... Happiness

Sitting on my terrace..
on this beautiful evening..
i look up to see...

the birds fly...
in tandem they fly..
swinging in one direction..
then another..
so many of them..

oh so free they fly..
so wonderful they fly..

i envy their freedom
and i envy their happiness..

i wonder
if they are looking at me..
and envy my terrace..
envy my being on the ground..
without a time bound..
to reach home..
and then start another day..

i wonder...
if they are free..
as free as i am..

and i wonder...
if they are happy..
as happy as i am.

Animesh Bhatt