Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Humans generally have the tendency to operate from the paradigm:
Have -> Do -> Be.
Implying, If I “HAVE” this -> I will “DO” that -> and thus “BE” that (For the future)
If I “HAD” that -> I would have “DONE” that -> and thus “BECOME” that (For the past)
However, if we were to keep questioning ourselves on the purpose of our existence, my take is that we exist for the purpose of being Happy!
Now, if that is true, then we should reverse the paradigm and “BE” Happy and “DO” everything that gives us joy & Happiness and the whole world shall connive to make us “HAVE” everything & more than we need to help us “BE” Happy.
Here comes the interesting part.
Humans are one animal who is Happiest when “Giving” Happiness!
So, what should one “Give” ??
There was this absolutely wonderful lady who was Happiest when she was serving and helping the destitute women & children in the streets of Kolkatta. She knew how to “Love”. Her passion was to “Serve” with whatever she was good at, and she was good at “Loving” and taking “Care” of people. She decided and made it her life mission to take care & “Give” the abundance of “Love” that she possessed. She did, what she was BEST at, and she gave her whole life to fulfill the one purpose she had, and it was not in taking, it was in giving her everything to love and take care of the destitute women & children of the streets of Kolkatta. She was awarded the Noble Prize amongst so many other awards, she is known as a Saint. We all know what a wonderful, caring, loving & Happy human being that Mother Teresa was.
What I have learnt from the above is that, I must find my life purpose, I must find what am I good at, I must find what gives me joy & Happiness, I must find my passion, and having found it, I must share, I must show others the joy that I have and how everyone can possibly have the same joy & Happiness by sharing & giving & loving & just by being a good human being.
There is enough and more in this world for Mankind’s needs. It is Mankind’s Greed that is causing all the problems.
I have no clue if my rantings above make sense.. or even if they are the real truth, but lately I have come to believe in this, and find that I’m so much a Happier person.


Anu Sandhu Bhamra said...

You are right on! Happiness is recognizing your present action in present - enjoying the action with total devotion without any desire for fruits of that action. So if you start with being happy, you will be a happier person - you haven't rambled on - stated the truth. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Sir, alot has been said on having the passion to feel real happiness. But having said that, how does one recognize or realise what their passion is? Me, personally havent been able to figure that out!

Unknown said...

It was a wonderful read. You are right, peace and happiness is a big requirement to live an healthy life. And to spread happiness, it is necessary to add value of peace & happiness to ourself first and then proceed. Cheers!